My first commercial solo-programming experience so far. It's a fantastic product, so I hope that 2d game developers will buy it :-)

Check out Unity Asset Store here.

Mandag 04.februar 2013

GNOME (et al): Rotting In Threes

Tirsdag 01.januar 2013

The IDE Divide

Fredag 28.desember 2012

Statistics at

This summer, I did a tiny project at Opera implementing a downloads graph for extensions.

The feature had been requested for some time, and I wanted to work on a task that was rewarding to do. It seemed like it did not depend on much else than the raw data that it was supposed to display, but it was at the same time important, and nontrivial to create; perfect for a summer intern to do!

I took some time to familiarize myself with the libraries used at and developed the first prototype in a few weeks time. After that I did improvements based on the feedback that I got from my mentor and the rest of my team. The developers at were always eager to see the things that I made, so getting early feedback was not a problem.

Getting feedback from extension developers, on the other hand, was not so easy for me. In fact, we agreed that writing about the feature some place were extension developers would see it could attract the attention that wee needed.

My internship is now over, but I'm very happy to see that is doing well, and that the things that I made have shown up in their productions release. Opera seems to invest a lot in their summer interns, and it works! Thumbs up!

Lørdag 03.november 2012


Søndag 09.september 2012

The coming civil war over general purpose computing

Mandag 27.august 2012

Work vacation

Here's the problem with work vacation: everyone around me are at work; I'm on work vacation. The difference? They are waiting for their traditional vacations, I'm going back to startup-long work days in a few months time (I enjoy those as well, no worries).

Fredag 03.august 2012

How to compile Boo on Ubuntu

A simple instruction, in case I forget. Hopefully, this is a complete instruction.
  1. sudo apt-get install mono-complete -mono-runtime pkg-config gawk libmono2.0-cil
  2. # download and unpack tarball from
  3. configure --prefix=/usr --exec-prefix=/usr
  4. make
  5. make install

Torsdag 19.juli 2012

Vision One

There was a time when all the shadows of these tall buildings Would throw their cape around each corner of the grassy field And one by one, each new shade, would cover the green way back; Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen

Everybody let us gaze upon the world we created And let's rest our eyes upon the great machine, as we wave goodbye Feel the evening breeze caress your smile, the cities are dying As we watch it fall to a modern state, a modern time

Remember when we'd hear the distant sound of human life? A zillion noises whip our eyes that travel through the sky And one by one, each little sound, has faded away with time, Allowing changes that we could not have foreseen

Everybody let us say goodbye to all our notions. 'Cause there's not enough to say that we're humane, when we're left behind It's too late to think that we can worship human emotions 'Cause we've already evolved into machines, in our minds

Mandag 09.juli 2012

The Dreams of the MeeGo Diaspora

Søndag 08.juli 2012